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Coffee, Cake, Convo and Paint? YES!

On November 13th, With My Sisters, Inc. hosted two events on the same day: Coffee, Cake, and Conversation (CCC) #2 and Relax, Relate, and Paint! The day was one of learning, laughter, relation, and reflection.

We were blessed by the musical stylings of young Kaitlyn, scripture, welcome and song by our sisters, and then our featured Speaker of the Hour: Evangelist Shakema Wilson.

Evangelist Wilson is a powerhouse, wrapped in humility. A Woman of God/Mother/Educator/Motivational Speaker/Fashionista--she does some of everything, and does it well! She is the Founder of First Love Ministries and the Titus 2 Women's Ministry, which caters to women of mature age. With love, laughter, and grace, she reminded us all that no matter our past, our age, or our current circumstance, God still has something for us to do--there's always MORE. There's always PURPOSE!

Follow Evangelist Wilson on Facebook (FB): First Love Ministries w/ Shakema Wilson and subscribe to her YouTube channel: 1mom2girls2boys8inall . You won't be disappointed!

Relax, Relate, and Paint was just that--a time to socialize, paint, snack, and just enjoy winding down before the hustle and bustle of the holidays. We hope all enjoyed and will return for our next painting event.

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