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Table Talk #3: Women Who Write (A Review)

Thank you to all who were able to join us on ZOOM for Table Talk #3: Women Who Write. Not even an ice storm could keep us away! This Table Talk was just as dynamic, just as informative, and just as inspiring as our others--if not more so. Our roster of authors included:

Ms. Jo Ann A. Mathews: Freelance Writer, Author

  • Actively creating material published both in physical print and online, Ms. Mathews reminded us that discipline, finding subject matter that matters to you, and having a support system of those with literary knowledge are three important keys to effective writing.

  • She shared her series "Women and Adversity: Honoring 23 Black Women" and her inspirations for writing.

  • She currently writes for the following local publications: South Brunswick Islands Magazine and The Sun News, but has composed numerous article for magazines, newspapers, and blogs. We were honored to be featured by her in SBIM in 2021.

  • Slide Presentation and Tips for Writing

Elder Dierdre' R. Parker-Rowson: Pastor, Author, Poet, IACC Certified Life Coach

  • Elder Parker-Rowson is a not only a writer, but a creative force from her head to her toes, having composed over 1000 pieces of poetry and 8 published books, thus far.

  • The "D.I.V.A" taught us that the acronym is not a moniker of one who is temperamental and boastful, but one of certain affirmation: Delivered, Inspired, Victorious and Anointed.

  • She shared her book: "I Walk on the Grass: Things It Took Me 50 Years to Learn". This is an insightful testimony of how changes that seem so small, can make such a large impact.

  • Her personal story is one of perseverance and triumph--overcoming homelessness and periods of self sabotage to become a beacon for women of all ages to believe in themselves and the validity of their aspirations.

  • Tune in to the Morning Coffee w/ DIVA podcast on WMNX Coast 97.3 FM, Monday-Friday, from 5:30a-6:00am.

Minister Tanya M. Smith: Pastor, Author, Publisher, Domestic Violence Survivor

  • Minister Smith is a Warrior for Christ indeed, overcoming many obstacles, including surviving domestic physical, emotional, and financial abuse. She is a champion for women--mentoring those in crisis, and founding The Rejuvenated Women's Foundation.

  • She shared her book: "Damaged, But Not Broken: How God Brings Restoration After Domestic Violence", as well as a portion of her testimony.

  • She is ever striving to learn more and more about ministry and how to help others. She is the owner of Warrioress Publishing House and the founder of Tanya Smith Ministries.

Basic Contact Information for all of our authors can be found here.

Did you tune in with us? Did you like it? Leave us a comment. Let us know what we can improve on.

Join us for out Writer's Boot Camp on September 24, 2022 in Bolivia, NC. More details to come!

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