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What We've Been Up To (2017-Now)

Here we are in 2022! With My Sisters, Inc. is so grateful that in 2020 and 2021, we were still able to function as an organization--assisting those in need, in the midst of a global pandemic. Have you ever wondered what we do in the course of a year? Click on the links below to see the years' "At A Glance":

This new year kicks off with our Member Interest Meeting on January 15, 2022. This is an in-person event, where you will meet our Founder and members of the organization. January 22, 2022 is Table Talk #3: Women Who Write, to be held on ZOOM. Please see our events tab to register. Upcoming Events will include empowerment sessions with our veteran sisters, continued partnerships with other local non-profit organizations, our Writer's Bootcamp, and as many volunteering opportunities as we can fit into our schedules.

Our ongoing projects are : The Widows Project, Sisters Reaching Veteran Sisters (S.R.V.S), our Scholarship, and the Blankets, Bears, & Juice (BB&J) Project. Learn more about BB&J below:

We look forward to working more with you in 2022!

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